Update 4: Coinpot VIP rewards

3 min readSep 10, 2020

UPDATE: Coinpot is gone! The bottom of this article has a list of other faucets

Last update was about Coinpot. This update is also about Coinpot. They just released something new called VIP rewards. Let’s dive right into it.

Coinpot VIP rewards

The VIP Rewards system allows you to use your CoinPot tokens balance as a free, instant access savings account! There are no fees and no lock-in — so you are free to spend/convert your tokens at any time without penalty. As well as daily interest, you will also receive other rewards depending on your reward level.

There are 6 reward levels: standard to diamond.

The lowest level (less than 100k tokens) gives you 0,02% daily interest (should add up to more than 7% yearly interest).

The highest level (more then 5 million tokens) gives you 0,12% daily interest (should add up to more than 54% yearly interest.

Awesome right. But, this sounds to good to be true. I still don’t understand how they make a profit now? Are they waiting for some people to invest more than 10 btc and than they exit-scam? Or do they make that much money so they can give it away for free?

For now I give them the benefit of the doubt. They exist for more than 3 years in the faucet world. They always pay. They have the challenge system that gives away so much tokens, but they still make profit.

Update 4 of the experiment

Bitfun , Moon litecoin , Moon Dash, Moon Doge, Moon Bitcoin, Moon cash and Bonus Bitcoin always give a nice profit. Coinpot is one of the highest paying faucets. I converted everything into tokens for the interest.

ESFaucet had some nice PTC ads. Made some money. I still love this website! The XP system gives a small boost in earnings.

Firefaucet still isn’t a big earner.

Free bitcoin gave me some lucky rolls.

Cointiply is still a big earner.

So my profit that is really mine for now is 0,2 LTC. I always withdraw to Binance. (This referral link gives me 15% commision on your trades and gives you 5% cashback)