Update 3: Profits and Coinpot

Coinpot and the challenges trick

Coinpot has many ways of earning coins.


I don’t play the lottery. On any website. I believe it’s a scam to make sure a faucet website remains profitable. All your hard earn tokens are used to buy lottery tickets. Coinpot doesn’t directly profit with the lottery, but they make sure that you can’t withdraw profits because you spend it all.


Claiming gives you a small amount of coins each claims and a small amount of tokens. You can claim every 5 minutes (or 15 and 30 for 2 faucets). If you have a lot of time, this is worth it. I try to claim 2 times a day, for the daily bonus.


Challenges and my ‘trick’

I have a PC running 24/7 with 3 / 4 tabs open. Each tab has a multiplier page open with different autoroll settings. Because of the challenges I’m able to make a small profit.

Each star is worth 100 tokens.

Coinpot as the moneymaker?

If you are able to claim a lot daily (like 500 times and more), have a pc running 24/7 to do the multiplier and have some budget to buy daily lottery tickets…. then you can use Coinpot to make some serious money.

  • 100 000 lottery tickets a day = 15 stars (x30) = 450 stars
  • 100 000 rolls a day = 15 stars (x30) = 450 stars
  • 1 000 000 staked in a day = 15 stars (x30) = 450 stars
  • rolls + staked + lottery + faucet in a month = 60 stars
  • 750 Faucet claims a day = 15 stars (x30) = 450 stars
  • luck: winning a lottery gives you stars as well
  • All time bonuses: one time bonus that you need to win the main prize.

Update 3 of the experiment



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