Update 2: Cointiply; the best faucet

6 min readJul 4, 2020

I have been using Cointiply 3 years now. But I never used it intensive as now. Past 2 months I tried to get the most out of it. Read all about it below.

After creating an account, you can go to the dashboard or the menu to see what you can do. Cointiply offers a lot of ways to earn coins:

  • Faucet
  • PTC ads
  • Offers
  • Playing games
  • Multiplier game

The faucet

Once every hour you can claim free coins from the faucet. Rolling a number between 1 and 99999 gives you some coins. This is not a lot, but it’s something. If you spin the faucet 3 times a day you can earn an average of 50 coins. In a year it gives more than 18000 coins. If you do this daily, you built up your loyalty to a maximum of 100%. 18000 coins become 36000 coins.

It’s not that much, but it’s free. And rolling the faucet gives you to chance to win the jackpot (rolling 99999).


Paid to Click ads or PTC ads are an easy way to earn money. People pay the website to publish their, most of the time referral, link and you just click that link. You look at the website for anything between 6 to 30 seconds and then you get paid a small amount of coin.

Cointiply had an active PTC part of their website. You can earn close to 200 coins daily. A low profit estimate is 60000 coins in a year.

I discover a lot of amazing websites to earn even more cryptocurrency with this system.

You watch the ads for a set amount of time. Once the timer is gone, you just have to click a picture to prove you are not a bot.

Really simple.

Offers, the money maker

The first 2 methods of earning coins aren’t going to give you the nice profits that you want. Offers are the way to make a lot of money.

The best ways to earn coins are the surveys and the apps.

[Beware of scam offers]

There are a lot of offerwalls to choose from. Some offerwalls only supply you with surveys. Surveys pay as little as 500 coins to 6000 coins if it’s a longer survey.
Once a week I try to do 3 or 4 surveys. They can take some time and effort. I’m also not always the target audience of the survey. So sometimes there are no surveys for me.

Installing apps and playing games is / was the moneymaker for me. Some games paid me 200 000 coins in the past to play and reach a certain level. Most apps pay around 6000 — 25000 coins. I only install apps that are games and that I enjoy playing.

What not to install / play / open?

  • apps / sites that want your credit card
  • apps / sites that want most or all of your personal data
  • apps / sites that want me to deposit money or crypto to receive the coins.

The games are the easiest to finish. You are giving a timeframe in which you have to finish the offer (reach level 14 in 7 days after installing the app). Most of the games are using the same kind of gameplay. So after 2 different games you know how to level fast.

Last weeks there were no good offers for me (or I did the best ones last months)

The games

The games and the multiplier are not worth it. It takes to much time and is to risky. I never do multiplier games or the normal games where you get payed for watching ads. It goes to slow for me.

If you like betting, than you can do the multiplier. But it’s a big gamble.

Items and Cointipoints

You can also buy items to receive even more coins when you do offers. You have to buy pods that contain the items. Some are temporary (for a few hours) and the best ones are permanent.

You buy these items with the coins or with cointipoints. For every 10 coins you earn, you get points.
Items that you don’t want, are not wasted. You can always sell them for a small amount of coins.

Interest and rain

The last thing I want to talk about is their interest earning program. If you have more than 35 000 coins, you can earn a 5% yearly interest.

The rains are also nice to earn something extra. You talk in the chat, and meanwhile you earn. The more you chat and earn, the higher your share of the rain is.

What is possible?

If you claim a lot more than me. If you do more offers and surveys. If you spend more time, a nice profit is possible. If you spend 2 hours a day on cointiply:

  • 50 000 coins from the faucet
  • 75 000 coins from the PTC ads
  • 2 000 000 coins from offers and surveys
  • 50 000 from interest and rains

That’s more than 200 euro in a year (with 9000 euro for 1 BTC).

Why is it the best site?

You can earn a lot. You get paid in cointiply coins. They are stable. If BTC drops, you can withdraw a lot more BTC. When BTC rises, you can withdraw less BTC. This can help you to get the most out of your coins and withdrawals.

About withdrawals. They pay!

Update 2 of the experiment

I made a conversion at the Coinpot website. All of the coins to LTC and then I made a withdrawal. So for Coinpot, everything started at 0 value. 6420 Coinpottokens were left after the conversion.

Bitfun , Moon litecoin , Moon Dash, Moon Doge, Moon Bitcoin, Moon cash and Bonus Bitcoin are still worth claiming daily!

Almost doubled my money at the ESFaucet. I still love this website! They have a new XP system that is really promising.

Firefaucet still isn’t a big earner. I should focus more on the claiming on this website to bring out the full potential.

Free bitcoin doubled my money in a month. Still not much. Same as with Firefaucet; I should focus more on this website.

I’m also busy trying to find a fifth website to claim. Hopefully next update….

So my profit that is really mine for now is 0,2 LTC. I always withdraw to Binance. (This referral link gives me 15% commision on your trades and gives you 5% cashback)

I plan to withdraw more next months . It’s easier not to withdraw to see my profit grow.