Update 1: Cryptocurrency faucets in 2020: Dice rolling tactic

5 min readJun 3, 2020


EDIT: At the time of writing, Luckygames.io made an announcement that they are closing the website. But this ‘trick’ also works for other dice rolling websites.

A website that i’m going to use: Wixiplay. They offer cashback, bonus, rains,…

In this update i’m going to talk more about Luckygames.io and how much I made after one month of claiming. My original post can be found here.


I’m not a fan of gambling. I don’t use the lottery, I don’t bet on sports events or even by a scratch-off ticket. It’s a lot of risk, but I can see why people like it. It’s a way to relax, take risks and even entertain yourself.

The way I use Luckygames.io, is to make a slow and steady profit, without taking to much risks. I only play dice.

How does it work?

There are a few things to take into account when you bet:

  1. The risk you want to take
  2. The money you want to spend
  3. The profit you want to make

I use a coin that has low value. That way I can still use my tactics, without spending to much money. I have used Tron, Doge and BTT recently. They help me surviving hard loosing sprees. This also means that I use tactics that provide a lower risk to me. But the profit is also much lower and slower than the high risk strategies. My strategy is low risk, low profit and slow. If you have more money to spend, you can get more coins, faster but riskier.

The strategy

I use the Margintale betting system. It’s a low risk system, designed to win back what you lost last rounds.
These are my settings for BTT, Tron and Doge. Extremely low risk, because my starting amount is also really low. The higher your starting amount with these coins, the higher your starting bet can be.

This way you don’t use the Margintale system, you still have to click on AUTO for the next settings.

Every loss, you have to increase the bet by 100%. And every win, you have to go back to your starting bet. This way you can’t lose. Or have to be really unlucky to lose.

This system has a big downside. You risk a lot for a small profit. The moment you are in a losing spree, the lost amount can be too high to bet and you have lost all of your coins.

How much do you need?

Depending on the coins you use, you either need a really big amount or even 1 euro worth of coins can make it work.

This is the amount you need to survive 30 losing dice rolls in a row.

For 10 losses in a row I need 0.01023 Doge. For 30 losses I need 10737.41823 Doge.

If you want more profit and faster, you need to use a bigger starting bet, but you also need so much more Doge.

If you want to play even more safe than me, you can use 10 Doge and go for the long run. Slow but steady.

How much can you make?

I use this to create a small flow of extra income for this experiment. I aim to win 1 cent worth of Doge, Tron or BTT daily. The biggest source of safe income for me comes from the chat.
There are daily ‘rains’ of crypto. And if you are lucky you get some of those free coins. You just have to be active in the chat to have a chance to win.

Update 0,5: The profit of betting

I’m not going to bet anymore on these websites unless I find a good website where chatting is rewarded with ‘rains’. Because the rains made the most money for me, for my budget, for my risk level.

I earned a nice amount of crypto in less then a month:

  • 165 BTT
  • 134 DOGE
  • 0,01 ETC
  • 15 TRX (stopped betting 2 weeks ago)
  • 0,16 PIVX
  • 0,016 XZC

I converted it all to BNB for 0,046 BNB for a current value of 8220 satoshi. Not bad for chatting a little and hoping for rain.

Update 1: The profit of claiming one month

With only 6 days to go for a full month of claiming these are the results.

Coinpot is upgrading some of its faucets. So claiming was a little low last week. But my trick for the coinpottokens is still going well. If I convert everything to LTC it would be over 0,2 LTC. If I wait for a huge price drop it could be more.

ESFaucet is an hidden gem. Lots of satoshis earned last 3 weeks. They have a new levelingsystem that is going to give more coins long term.

Firefaucet is the slowest earner. I expected more of it, but I cant keep it running 24/7. Might change my strategy here.

Cointiply is my biggest source of crypto income. 71k coins is equal to 7 euro. In just 3 weeks. Amazing. Most of my offers are done on Cointiply.

Freebitcoin didn’t give me much, but I’m going to change my strategy here and make use of the reward points.

My referals can be found here.