How to get started with crypto for free?

5 min readFeb 16, 2021


Faucet claiming is an easy way to get started with cryptocurrency. Follow this tutorial if you want to earn some extra cryptocurrency for free.

Step one

The first things that you have to do is make account on Binance and Coinbase. Both platform are online cryptocurrency exchanges that offer a lot of coins and benefits.


Binance is the biggest and (in my opinion) the safest platform to trade cryptocurrency on. I use this website to store all of my faucet earnings. The amazing thing about Binance is that you can put your cryptocurrency to work. I stake all of my coins for some easy earning through Binance Earn with the BNB Vault. EASY MONEY


I use coinbase for their “Earn” program. Every few months they offer a way to earn some cryptocurrency. After making an account you can go to and follow some lessons. You can earn close to 50 euro of free cryptocurrency. You can keep it in Coinbase and trade it there. Or you can transfer it to Binance.

Step two

Joining faucet websites is really easy. All you need is an email-adres. The biggest problem is keeping up with all the websites. The following websites are the ones that I like to use.


Cointiply is the best faucet claiming website. They always pay and they offer a lot of ways to earn some extra satoshi (Bitcoin).
I use the free rolls every day. One every hour you have a chance to roll the jackpot. Otherwise you earn cointiply coins ranging from 10 coins to 250.

How much is one coin worth? Not a lot. 10000 coins is worth 1 dollar. And when Bitcoin is going to the moon, the coins are worth even less. If BTC crashes, the coins are worth a lot.

But all the small earnings add up. Because I’m not only doing the free rolls, I’m also doing the PTC ads and some offers. The PTC ads give me close to 250 coins / day . And the offers sometimes give me 1000–2000 coins / offer.

I have already earned 25 000 coins after a month of claiming, not even 15 min / day. If I would spend a few hours every day on Cointiply, I would easily earn 15 000 coins every single day.

PROTIP: Wait for the Bitcoin crash to send your hard earned coins to Binance. The lower the price of BTC is, the more your coins are worth.


Freebitcoin is one of the oldest and best paying faucet websites. You get a free roll every hour to earn some satoshis. Now you get 1 satoshi for a roll up to 0,004 BTC! You get reward points for every roll and lottery tickets.

The more you claim, to more chance you have to win the lottery jackpot. The reward points can be used to get bonuses (extra satoshi, extra lottery tickets , extra reward points,…)

And if you subscribe for the newsletter you get a newsletter every day. This gives you one free spin on the wheel of fortune. This is a easy way to earn some extra satoshi (I once won 5000 satoshi) or extra reward points. You can also win a rolex.

After a month of claiming, I earned 13500 satoshi. If I was more active and used my reward points to earn some extra satoshi its possible to earn 20 000 satoshi every month.


Firefaucet is an autoclaim cryptocurrency faucet. After a few days of claiming the faucet, free bonus, PTC ads and offers, you have earned enough auto claim points to let the auto claimer run every time you use the computer.

I keep the autoclaim page open every time I browse the internet, play games or claim on the other faucet websites.

Everything you do on FireFaucet also gives you activity points. They get used for your account progress. You can level your account to receive some extra satoshi and it’s also a way to get more satoshi when auto claiming.

With only 15 minutes every day, I am able to earn close to 10 dollars every month. So if you spend more time on this websites (or let the autoclaim page open 24/7) you should be able to earn more than 25 dollars every month.


ESFaucet is my hidden gem. It doesn’t seem to be popular, but if you spend enough time on this faucet you can earn A LOT.

You can claim 15 different coins for free. Some have ES- XP level requirements, others are instant to claim.

How does it work? Make an account, start claiming. It’s that easy.
You get a lot of ways to earn extra:

  • PTC ads
  • Videos
  • Bonus
  • Offers
  • Faucet

And for the faucet claims, you can earn extra as well up to 150% for each:

  • ES coin bonus
  • Daily claim bonus
  • Offer bonus
  • ES XP bonus

So a claim that gives you 1 satoshi, can get up to 5 satoshi if you have enough ES coins and claim daily. The more you claim, the higher your ES XP bonus gets. The more offers you do, the more that bonus becomes.

I already earned more than 0.0025 BTC on this website. That’s over 100 euro!

Step three

If you want to earn some extra cryptocurrency, it’s important to keep claiming and keep stacking those satoshis!

I have earned close to 0,1 BTC from off and on claiming past 2 years. That’s 4000 euro from clicking some PTC ads or claiming on faucets.

But did I hold? No, I spend it all when BTC was at 8000 euro, so the money I got was waaaay less than the 4000 euro. A mistake I will never make again.

My tips:

  • Claim daily!
  • Hold! (on Binance for example)
  • Withdraw your money as soon as possible! (you never know when a site goes offline)
  • Don’t use to many websites, you’ll get burned out fast!

Good luck!



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