Cryptocurrency faucets in 2020

4 min readMay 9, 2020

Is it still worth it in 2020?

When you search on the internet to find any information about cryptocurrency faucets you always get the same results: Top 5 cryptofaucets! Best earning faucets in 2020! Must claim faucets! Get rich fast with crypto faucets!

But is it possible to get rich using faucets? How much can you earn?

The experiment

For the next year, starting from today 09/05/2020, I’m going to keep track of all my claims. But it’s not going to be a full time job… I want to see what you can earn, only spending an hour a day claiming.

Some rules:

  • A maximum of one hour claiming
  • No trading, crazy gambling or betting
  • A maximum of 5 different cryptocurrency faucets providers
  • airdrops or free coins are allowed

I’ll post a monthly update.

The faucets

I’m not going to explain how all the faucets work. I’ll be using 5 different cryptocurrency faucets.

  1. Coinpot

Bitfun , Moon litecoin , Moon Dash, Moon Doge, Moon Bitcoin, Moon cash and Bonus Bitcoin.

With most of these faucets you get bonus coins if you visit them daily. This is a good way to increase profit.

I also use the multiplier on this website. I have a PC online 24/7 that I have a few tabs open to double my coins. It’s a gamble, but with the daily challenges i still make a profit of 1500 coins a day.

2. Cointiply

On Cointiply i’m focusing on the faucet and PTC ads. Sometimes I do offers, when there is a mobile game to play (and earn) that I like. PTC ads are a good way to boost your earnings a lot. Sometimes you can claim an amazing 200 coins daily.

Daily claims give a bonus. Make sure you visit this faucet daily.

3. Free bitcoin

Free bitcoin is a special website. You can claim at the faucet, roll dice or even bet on events. I suggest not to bet or play dice. It’s an easy way to loose money. I just claim my bitcoins. They have a nice lottery system that you get tickets for or you can buy them.

4. Firefaucet

Firefaucet is an autoclaim faucet. You earn acp (auto claim points) that you can use to autoclaim or trade for cryptocurrency (5% fee).

I do the PTC adds, the faucet and daily faucet on this site. I always check for a fun offer to do. But most of the time I keep a tab open to autoclaim. I claim Tron and Litecoin; no boosts. This way I get the most activity points so I can earn some extra bitcoin. The higher your level gets, the more you can claim.

5. ES faucet

This website is a collection of 12 cryptocurrency faucets and their own ES coins. The more you visit them, the higher the claims get.

ES Faucet also provides a lot of other ways to earn. I use the PTC ads and the faucets. You can earn bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, stellar, tron, litecoin, ripple, digibye, BAT, 0x, tron and ethereum classic.


I do not recommend gambling. It’s not a safe way to earn coins. But with this website I got a feeling that I can earn some coins, without taking to much risk. has the possibility to gamble really small amounts of over 100 different cryptocurrency. This way it is possible to play the dice with small amounts of coins and not risk to loose it all. More in my next articles.

The start

I already claim for a few months on all these sites. But I will always update with the new amounts and the, hopefully, nice gains.

Feel free to use my referral links if you are interested in a platform.

And see you all next month for the first update and then I go into detail about some settings I use.