Cryptocurrency faucets in 2020

Is it still worth it in 2020?

When you search on the internet to find any information about cryptocurrency faucets you always get the same results: Top 5 cryptofaucets! Best earning faucets in 2020! Must claim faucets! Get rich fast with crypto faucets!

The experiment

For the next year, starting from today 09/05/2020, I’m going to keep track of all my claims. But it’s not going to be a full time job… I want to see what you can earn, only spending an hour a day claiming.

  • No trading, crazy gambling or betting
  • A maximum of 5 different cryptocurrency faucets providers
  • airdrops or free coins are allowed

The faucets

Im not going to explain how all the faucets work. I’ll be using 5 different cryptocurrency faucets.

The start