Crypto faucets: a new beginning

3 min readJan 9, 2021



Last year, I tried to do an experiment: Is faucet claiming still worth your time and effort? It failed…. I got burned out. The moment I missed one claim (to maintain a claiming bonus), that was the moment I stopped claiming.

And I regret it… With the current BTC price and an incoming alt-season I would have made so much profit.

I ended my experiment with almost one Litecoin profit. And at the current price (9–1–2021) that would have been over 170 dollars. That’s 3 times as much then when I transferred it to Binance and used it to buy Riot Points (That League of Legends addiction)…

A new year, a new chance to claim

I believe in cryptocurrency. I see faucet claiming as a way to get into cryptocurrency, without risking money and get over-invested. I still use the same websites as in 2020, but with the added bonus of not stressing out if I miss a claim. It’s going to be more relaxed. This is going to be a long road to my goal; owning a full BTC.

My gameplan

I use 5 different websites to claim:

Bitfun , Moon litecoin , Moon Dash, Moon Doge, Moon Bitcoin, Moon cash and Bonus Bitcoin always give a nice profit. Coinpot is one of the highest paying faucets. I completely trust them. They have been around since the early day of cryptocurrency. They always update their website with new ways to earn. VIP points, challenges, lottery,…. a lot of interesting ways to earn. Take a look at my other stories (VIP points and challenges) to read more about it.

ESFaucet is an unknown player in the faucet market. The new XP system gives a small boost in earnings. This website gives you an opportunity to claim more then 10 different coins up to 500% each claim! You get the daily bonus, offer bonus, Es coin bonus, membership bonus,…

Firefaucet is a sleeping giant. It’s an autoclaim faucet. They have a reward system when you earn enough ACP you get free BTC. At the first levels it’s not that much, but after a while its over 200 sats / level.

Free bitcoin has a new system that gives you a free spin a day on the wheel of fortune (when you subscribe to their newsletter). So when you get lucky, you can earn a lot.

Cointiply is still a big earner. PTC ads, offers, surveys, faucet, chat,… lots of ways to earn.

How do I spend the least amount of time claiming?

I try to combine the clicking on PTC ads with the faucet claiming. So if a PTC ad takes 10 seconds, I do a faucet claim on another website.

I’m trying to do weekly updates and try to explain the different faucet websites and all the ways to earn some extra cryptocurrency.

Good luck all! And never give up claiming!