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Faucet claiming is an easy way to get started with cryptocurrency. Follow this tutorial if you want to earn some extra cryptocurrency for free.

Step one

The first things that you have to do is make account on Binance and Coinbase. …


Last year, I tried to do an experiment: Is faucet claiming still worth your time and effort? It failed…. I got burned out. The moment I missed one claim (to maintain a claiming bonus), that was the moment I stopped claiming.

And I regret it… With the current BTC price…

There are a lot of ways to invest into cryptocurrency. But investing can be really risk full.

Never invest more money than you could miss. Investing into cryptocurrency could mean that you loose all of your money.


Futures trading refers to a method of speculating on the price of cryptocurrencies…

Eind 2017 werd gelanceerd. Een online klantenkaart waarbij je korting kan verzamelen bij meer dan 500 webwinkels, dat moet toch een gigantisch succes worden?

Maar toch merk ik in mijn omgeving dat nog niet veel mensen er gebruik van maken… ondanks dat het enorm gemakkelijk in gebruik is.

Account aanmaken

UPDATE: Coinpot is gone! The bottom of this article has a list of other faucets

Last update was about Coinpot. This update is also about Coinpot. They just released something new called VIP rewards. Let’s dive right into it.

Coinpot VIP rewards

The VIP Rewards system allows you to use your CoinPot tokens…

UPDATE: Coinpot is gone! The bottom of this article has a list of other faucets

Coinpot; this faucet got me into cryptocurrency. I spend my first year claiming on all the Coinpot sites, before I combined it with other faucets.

Coinpot is a faucet that combines 7 faucet claiming websites.

I have been using Cointiply 3 years now. But I never used it intensive as now. Past 2 months I tried to get the most out of it. Read all about it below.

After creating an account, you can go to the dashboard or the menu to see what you…

EDIT: At the time of writing, made an announcement that they are closing the website. But this ‘trick’ also works for other dice rolling websites.

A website that i’m going to use: Wixiplay. They offer cashback, bonus, rains,…

In this update i’m going to talk more about and…

Is it still worth it in 2020?

When you search on the internet to find any information about cryptocurrency faucets you always get the same results: Top 5 cryptofaucets! Best earning faucets in 2020! Must claim faucets! Get rich fast with crypto faucets!

But is it possible to get rich using faucets? How much can you earn?


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